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Since last year’s goals and keyword worked out pretty well, I decided to set some new goals and pick another keyword for 2010. This process usually takes me a while. There’s some cogitating and ruminating (and procrastinating *wink*) that go into making plans for a year.

To plan ahead, I took a look back.

I looked at some of my goals for 2009. And guess what?

I met almost all of them.

Yup. More readers, more Songtaneous events and more gigs in more places, more collaborating, more money … (That last one especially was a surprise. *smile*)

Actually, I have to confess that discovering I’d met any of my goals was a surprise because, unlike Chris over at the Art of Nonconformity suggests, I didn’t review my goals over the course of the year. I don’t recall actively thinking about them. I just wrote them down and went to work.

Now I’ve known for many years that there’s power in writing things down. When I worked at the magazine, I would frequently create a master “do list” when I was feeling overwhelmed or we had a deadline approaching (and, let’s be honest, usually one of those situations was in play.)

There were no due dates or order to the list. Just a big old list of what I had to do in whatever order the tasks occurred to me.

The only rule (which I don’t think I realized was a rule at the time *smile*) was that the list lived on one page. (Oh and routine things like check email didn’t make the list.)

And then this “do list” would sit on my desk somewhere and I’d occasionally reference it for what to do next.

But most of the time I didn’t.

Most of the time, the list worked it’s magic behind the scenes in my subconscious. I’d check back in a few days or weeks and realize that I’d finished a majority of the tasks on the list. Even better, I’d “discover” that quite a few of the remaining tasks were no longer relevant and could be crossed off the list.

See? Magic.

(Alright, setting aside the magic theory for a moment,) here’s why I suspect this works for me.

  1. Writing down the list of tasks buzzing around like angry bees in my head gives them a place to light and me a chance to rest.
  2. In some subconscious way it helps me prioritize the tasks. (This might be priority based on energy I have available, not due date.)
  3. It quantifies the amount of work. The number of tasks becomes concrete and therefore (somewhat) manageable AND
  4. I can see the pile getting smaller.

As a finisher (someone who likes to finish things as opposed to start them), seeing the pile get smaller is hugely important. And gratifying.

(Yes, I know there’s another list in my future, but first I get to finish this one. *wink*)

By the way …

My keyword for 2010 is Nourish. It conjures up fresh green growing things, waves on the shore, semi-audible music playing somewhere in the background and a relaxed and rejuvenated state of mind. (Yes, I’m suffering from the winter blahs, but it’s still a good keyword. *smile*)

How about you? Any themes, goals or resolutions you’re undertaking? Have you picked a theme or keyword for 2010?

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