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Posted by on Jan 13 2011 | Food For Thought, Songtaneous

I spent the many (many, many) hours traveling back to the states staggered by all that I learned during my latest singing adventure.

I have spent the week since my return working through my jet lag (*tired grin*) and trying to figure out how to integrate and apply that “knowledge.” Hard when most of it feels so intangible and when I can already feel the presence of the week slipping away. (And then there was chicken. *smile*)

With all this reflection, I came up with my keyword for 2011:

“Embody – to express, personify, or exemplify in concrete form;
to organize; to incorporate; to embrace; to manifest.”

I want to spend the next year becoming what I glimpsed about music and improvisation in Africa.* To more fully connect with the self I am when improvising and to inhabit the world I create when I sing.

How about you? Have you found your keyword for 2011?

Note: According to the map, I was in the Spanish Canary Islands, but in my heart and body I was in Africa. (More on that later.)

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