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The short story:

I am starting a newsletter for singers.

Click here to join the singingly newsletter list.

The long story:

Over 300 posts ago, I launched this blog because I thought I should be writing one. *wry grin*

I imagined sharing singing exercises and vocal technique tips with a growing list of singers, but I was open to “seeing how things went.”

In another work of true improvisation, I have been finding my way ever since.

Pretty quickly, I moved away from talking about the nuts and bolts of singing.

It turns out what I really wanted to write about here was the power of singing, how I see singing changing the world and my own process of becoming a singer — both as an occupation and an identity.

And, it turns out that my blog readership is bigger and broader than I could have dreamed. You are readers who love to sing, who sing for a living and some who don’t really sing at all (although I will keep trying to change that!).

You are singers, teachers, writers, performers, therapists, nurses, entrepreneurs and activists.

I could not have imagined what my blog would become and I am so happy for and grateful to all of you who read it.

But …

I really like the nuts and bolts of singing.

(I know some of you do, too. *smile*)

I really like working with singers.

I love helping people figure out how to use this organic instrument.


I am starting a monthly newsletter for people who are interested in reading what I have to say about the technical side of singing.

It will have articles, singing tips, info on classes and workshops and all the other things I know my students (and singer friends!) will want to try out and hear about.

In other words, all the stuff that’s a little too singer geeky for the Songtaneous Blog, but too great not to pass on!

Click here to sign up.

(Yep, you have to subscribe. My spam-canning mail program won’t let me send you mail you don’t ask for. *grin*)

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