Yes, I Have A Vision … Board

Posted by on Sep 11 2011 | Games, Exercises & Resources, Songtaneous

I don’t know why, but I am a little embarrassed to admit I have a vision board.

(I didn’t plan to have one. It actually kind of came about by accident. Some of my friends have them and then I had this empty bulletin board and before you know it …)

And, you know what?

It works.

Since I hung up that empty bulletin board and started pinning things on it about two years ago, most of the stuff on it has come to pass in some way or another.

No one is more surprised than me. In fact, I am startled by how well it works.

For example …

The yearlong improv class I just completed? On the board.

The concert I am performing at the end of this month? On the board.

My trip to Paris while I was in Europe?

(Well, see for yourself. *smile*)

Left: The Paris picture from my vision board. Right: the pic I took while in Paris (July 2011)

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