About Songtaneous

Posted by on May 29 2008 |

I began conducting Songtaneous sessions in 2006. I designed them for creative people and music lovers looking for a low-key and fun way to sing together without joining a choir or committing to a lot of rehearsals.

Simply put, Songtaneous is a fun, inventive and easy way to sing with others.

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How it Works
I arrange and conduct “songs” by creating repeating musical patterns and assigning them to sections of a singing circle. These parts weave together to create instant compositions in a magical process where the whole is more than the sum of the parts. We combine language, imagery, color and movement to inspire and explore new musical terrain.

We play games. And eat snacks.

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Why Singing?
Singing is an important expressive, communal and rejuvenating activity to which many of us lose access as we get busier in our lives. Songtaneous provides opportunities to practice singing, community building and self exploration with others in a playful and supportive environment.

It isn’t a rehearsal or performance, Songtaneous is a practice. This practice centers on being present and in community through song.

Why Spontaneous Singing?
Singing spontaneously lets us find ways to recognize the accuracy and validity of our creativity and intuition while learning to express abstract ideas and connect with others. We become better listeners, communicators, decision makers and community members — whether our community is a choir, a staff, a block association or a company.

Are YOU Songtaneous?
Songtaneous is suitable for anyone who likes to sing and who is comfortable singing with others in a group setting. (Note: Most Songtaneous sessions happen in the Twin Cities.)

Songtaneous Formats
You’ll receive notices about all public Songtaneous events when you subscribe.

  • Monthly (Jam) Sessions: Currently, Songtaneous meets one Saturday a month in south Minneapolis. Visit the Songtaneous Schedule to view the schedule.
  • Private Events – Invite me to facilitate a Songtaneous event for your friends, organization or special event. Click here to learn more.
  • Classes and Workshops – for those who want to learn more about singing spontaneously