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8 Lessons from Improvising

Posted by on Apr 07 2014 | Food For Thought, Songtaneous

Since my shows in February, I have had the chance to improvise with a lot of singers. I worked with a student group, a choir, my “band” and, of course, my students. I found myself saying things to them that I realized I applied to life, not just music or improv.

So in the process of running some errands, I jotted this list down on the back of a set list about a week ago. I envisioned expanding (or expounding upon) each item for this post. But … I’m not (see #4).

  1. Listen to the whole idea before you respond.
  2. Sometimes you can each do your own thing and it still works.
  3. Mistakes can be doorways. Frequently good stuff happens after “the mistake.”
  4. Silence is needed.
  5. Other people have ideas you will never, ever (EVER!) have. (That’s a good thing. *smile*)
  6. Your intentions (and expectations) will shape your experience.
  7. It’s collaborative, not competitive.
  8. Stop assuming you’re right; it’s rarely about right and there can be more than one right.

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Food for Thought (#114)

Posted by on Oct 08 2012 | Food For Thought, Songtaneous

My mentor Rhiannon on the ability to scat sing …

“It’s just a muscle that needs to be exercised and some layers of fear that need to be exorcised.”

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Food for Thought (#113)

Posted by on Nov 03 2011 | Food For Thought, Songtaneous

“Forget about enlightenment, sit down wherever you are and listen to the wind singing in your veins.”
– John Welwood

“Of all the things that exist, we breathe and wake and turn it into song.”
– Mark Nepo

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