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Posted by on Nov 07 2011 | newsletter, Songtaneous

So. It’s 2:45 am (and that’s the “non-daylight savings time 2:45 am,” which means my body thinks it’s 3:45 am) and I just finished the November issue of the singingly newsletter.

In order to finish up the newsletter, I had to finish the promo page for the workshop I’ll be teaching next month (Dec 4 from 1:00 to 5:00pm) and then between creating the graphics and the different versions of the email and testing them … it’s 2:45 am.

And I have a blog post to write. *tired smile*

And I leave on Tuesday for another trip north to Duluth. I am really excited to work again with Sara Thomsen and her choir, not to mention the students at Univ of MN Duluth. (And, I just found out Regina Laroche who I performed with in last weekend’s concert will be joining us!)

I feel honored and excited (and, yes, a teeny bit exhausted) to have so many interesting and soul-feeding projects happening and in the works, but also a little distressed because all these cool projects mean I have had to go looking for more time.

More time to rehearse, more time to teach, more time to plan …

Okay, I’ll just come out and say it.

I have to take a blog sabbatical. Til the end of the year.

I have been conflicted because I take my commitment to you and the honor of your readership VERY seriously, but this latest little admin marathon has tipped the scales. (Hey, it’s not you, it’s me. *grin*)

I am consoling myself with the thought that the holiday season is nearly upon us (my guitarist and I started rehearsing our holiday music last week) and you will hardly notice that I’m not emailing you on Mondays and Fridays. (*nervous giggle*)

I mean, we are all going to be quite busy for the rest of November and through December. (Right?) I have concerts, workshops and Songtaneous sessions to do and big singing/teaching/performing stuff to work out for next year. (And you will have concerts, workshops and Songtaneous sessions to attend. *snicker*)

Don’t worry, the blog isn’t going anywhere. You can come peruse the archives any time you need a Songtaneous fix. And if you are really missing me, you can come to show, look for me on facebook or shoot me an email. (Besides, you’ll hear from me in December when I send out the Dec issue of singingly. Go here to sign up if you aren’t already on the list. *smile*)

Take care, sing and I will see you here in the new year.




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A Newsletter for Singers

Posted by on Jun 20 2011 | newsletter, Songtaneous

The short story:

I am starting a newsletter for singers.

Click here to join the singingly newsletter list.

The long story:

Over 300 posts ago, I launched this blog because I thought I should be writing one. *wry grin*

I imagined sharing singing exercises and vocal technique tips with a growing list of singers, but I was open to “seeing how things went.”

In another work of true improvisation, I have been finding my way ever since.

Pretty quickly, I moved away from talking about the nuts and bolts of singing.

It turns out what I really wanted to write about here was the power of singing, how I see singing changing the world and my own process of becoming a singer — both as an occupation and an identity.

And, it turns out that my blog readership is bigger and broader than I could have dreamed. You are readers who love to sing, who sing for a living and some who don’t really sing at all (although I will keep trying to change that!).

You are singers, teachers, writers, performers, therapists, nurses, entrepreneurs and activists.

I could not have imagined what my blog would become and I am so happy for and grateful to all of you who read it.

But …

I really like the nuts and bolts of singing.

(I know some of you do, too. *smile*)

I really like working with singers.

I love helping people figure out how to use this organic instrument.


I am starting a monthly newsletter for people who are interested in reading what I have to say about the technical side of singing.

It will have articles, singing tips, info on classes and workshops and all the other things I know my students (and singer friends!) will want to try out and hear about.

In other words, all the stuff that’s a little too singer geeky for the Songtaneous Blog, but too great not to pass on!

Click here to sign up.

(Yep, you have to subscribe. My spam-canning mail program won’t let me send you mail you don’t ask for. *grin*)

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