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Monthly Community Sessions – Flexible and Open To Those Who Attend

I really want you to come sing with us.

(But, Sarah, I don’t sing. I can’t sing. I’m not a “singer.”)

Hang on. Hear me out.

  1. First of all Songtaneous sessions are fun. And totally low-key. Think of them as musical “play dates.” You get to create and play with other music-loving, friendly, supportive, creative people.
  2. It’s not just singing. We play games. We laugh. We break for snacks and stories. So it’s spontaneous singing that’s social and supportive with a side of inspiration and rejuvenation.
  3. It’s not a performance. Let me repeat IT’S NOT A PERFORMANCE. Songtaneous is a practice. (I mean practice in a yoga-y, meditation-type way, not an improve your penmanship kind of way.) Practice getting creative, connected and inspired. It’s about being present and in community through song.
  4. You can’t mess up and you can’t do it wrong … honest. We use guidelines, not rules. (And I’ll tell you to break most of ’em anyway. *smile*)
  5. You’ll leave feeling more confident, creative and energized than when you arrived. (You might even sing better, too!)

So … I’ll hold the space and provide the snacks. Go on, put one of the dates above on your calendar. Hope to sing with you soon!

Keynote and Private Sessions Also Available
Songtaneous adds a unique, entertaining and engaging activity to your retreat, conference or event. Songtaneous can be adapted to work with your theme, participants, time frames and budget.

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