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“I want you to know that the CD from the workshop has been incorporated into our lives. I was doing it in the car and [my husband] thought it was so easy, until he actually tried it! We were laughing and IMPROVISING! Mission accomplished, Sarah.” — Serie

“I am so moved by the connection you generated between all of us at your wonderful workshop, Sarah. Wow! Great job leading us — you are obviously very experienced, and gifted at what you do — both in teaching AND in singing! I have already recommended you to all my friends. Thank you, thank you!” — Brooke

“Who would have guessed that 4-8 notes could be turned so quickly into a multi-part musical piece?  And most of us were beginners at this!” — Peg

“As my 50th birthday approached, I decided that a Songtaneous event was a birthday must. Sarah entered [the] group and took it to higher heights. She offered ideas and structures that brought out everyone’s best. Sarah shaped the event skillfully, blending in [to the group] in a way that didn’t call attention to herself but to the unfolding love and celebration. The party was by turns funny and deeply heartwarming, and I don’t think any of us will soon forget it. I’d recommend Sarah and Songtaneous for virtually any gathering.” — Ann D.