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Spontaneous + Singing = Songtaneous!

sarah leads songtaneous sessionSinging is an important expressive, spiritual and rejuvenating activity to which many of us lose access as we get busier in our lives. Songtaneous provides opportunities to explore singing with others and playing with the voice in a supportive environment. Songtaneous is not a rehearsal or a performance — it’s about being present and in community through song.

Currently, Songtaneous meets one Saturday a month in south Minneapolis. You can join the mailing list (at right) to receive notices of upcoming events.

Songtaneous Sings, Circle Songs & Sing-alongs

Songtaneous adds a fun, unique and special activity to your event. Songtaneous can be adapted to work with your theme and participants.

Invite Sarah to facilitate a Songtaneous singing session at your next gathering, party, retreat or community event.

“I’m always excited to talk about Songtaneous and happy to answer your questions. If you have a question, query or quandary, please get in touch.” ~sg

Songtaneous Workshops

Songtaneous workshops provide a safe space to practice and explore improvisation exercises and forms, scat singing and spontaneous singing as part of a vibrant and supportive group of singers. Workshops include more structure, time to practice and feedback than the monthly Songtaneous sings.

Click here to see the current workshop offerings

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